WiFi Marketing

There comes a time when tradition is no longer the best answer and innovation is the only way to improve and grow! WiLocal thrives on helping business owners transition or supplement from traditional marketing efforts and simplify marketing through automation. Our powerful WiFi Marketing Platform offers automation tools to engage in-venue customers through Wi-Fi hotspots and their mobile phones.
We automate and simplify marketing database 5 x 10 faster than standard data collection methods with in-venue Wi-Fi. Whether you are looking to offer unique membership solutions, punch cards, store cards or loyalty programs with real-time balance updates,
We've got you covered!
WiLocal focuses on driving revenue and repeat business for you and your business!
Our clients come from all industry and business sizes. Call to schedule a free consultation today! 714-823-3499

Who We Serve and Why

We provide small business owners, franchises and large organizations with enterprise level marketing services. We offer custom branded guest WiFi networks that simplify marketing solutions that drive "REAL ROI" specific for your business needs and requirements. Our platforms drive engagement, retention and offer automation with little to know effort on your part. We meet with you to define your needs and offer proven marketing strategies for your business & industry. Yes, a real person will speak with you, even in-person if requested!

Mobile Wallet Advertising

Wilocal's Mobile Wallet Platform offers a new way to connect deeply with mobile web and mobile wallet app users. Never before has a mobile advertiser been able to give mobile users a way to carry an offer with them, just by clicking on an ad. Our mobile wallet promotions can be easily distributed through current marketing channels (social media, mobile shared, email, print, SMS and any website). Mobile wallet ads offer messaging capabilities both push and location based messaging.

Grow Social Media Fans

Use your branded Free Guest Social WiFi gateway to connect and engage your customers through social media accounts. We brand your businesses gateway's SSID & Sign-In page with Your business’ name and logo information. We include a customize branded splash page for specials, promotions and mobile loyalty as well! Generate leads and build your email list 5 x faster without lifting a finger. We offer a done for you Wi-Fi managed services solution, Plug-and Play! Plug in your access point then watch your sales soar!

Custom Branded Mobile Punch Card

* * * * * Loyal Customers Spend 67% More! * * * * * As a business owner, you know that it takes up to five times more to acquire a customer than to maintain one and with 48% of consumers saying that the most critical time to gain their loyalty is when they make their first purchase, it’s important to gain loyalty from the first interaction. Implementing a Mobile Wallet Punch Card Solution will increase repeat business by over 10%? (No App download required by your customers or additioal equipment needed)!

Why is Proximity Marketing Important?

of Consumers say their opinion of a retailer would become more positive by receiving coupons and offers that could be saved easily on their smartphones.

of Consumers are influenced by the availability of Free guest in-store Wi-Fi

of Consumers are more likely to enroll in a Mobile loyalty punch card than a paper punch card

Mobile Wallet Loyalty Platform

No Cards, No Tablets, No Hassle!

Increase Sales - Loyalty cards are a proven way to get more and new customers by simply rewarding your customer's loyalty.

Security - Secure validation of punches/points using secure verification app scan

Gain Insights - Monitor and analyze your best customers activity through our easy to use web based dashboard.

Communicate - Send messages with beacons, GPS and push notifications. Full access to your customer database.

Wi-Fi Marketing & Automation

WiLocal drives "REAL ROI" not based on clicks, views or even walk through rates! There's no vodoo marketing babble with us! We do it based on sales and return visit per month. Restaurants, bars, cafes and retailers drive more repeat visits using Guest Wi-Fi, VIP, Birthday and Anniversay marketing solutions that drives engagement and a sense of family. Our "coming soon" platform is Loyalty. This will enables brick & mortar business owners to transform their regular customers to power customers! "Look for this edition in September 2019"

Social Wi-Fi

An easy way to collect email and contact information

Campaigns, Coupons and Loyalty

Automate emails to retain and reward customers

In-Store Analytics

Learn more about your customers and their behavior

Products & Bundles

Click the bottom of any of these package to either watch a video or experience it for yourself!

Location & Retargeting Advertising
Sponsor a Local Venue
Partner With a Local Venue
Use a Wilocal Venue
Simplify an Email List
Facebook or Google Pixel
Location Based Retargeting
Impression Based Solutions
Service Professionals Marketing
Lead Generation & Event Marketing
Simplify Customer Aquisition
Customize Branded Led Gen
Automated SMS & Email Marketing
Mobile Fishbowl Sign Up
Data & Analytics
Cloud Dashboard
Event Marketing Solutions
Salons, Real Estae Agents, Car Wash, Chiropratic and many more industries we can serve!
Tiered Loyalty Programs
Loyalty for Fast Casual, QSR and SMB
Customize Branded Loyalty
Set Monthly Cost
No Cards Or Apps Required
Scheduled or Blast SMS & Email Automate Birthday Rewards
Data & Analytics You Own
Schedule or Send Promotions Immediately
Cloud Dashboard
No Contracts
Guest WiFi Marketing
Restaurants, Hospitality, Bars and QSR
Hardware or Software
Branded Secure Guest WiFi
Custom Branded Splash Pages
Unlimited Social WiFi Leads
Automated Email Marketing
API integration
Trackable Digital Coupons
Cloud Dashboard
Data & Analytics
Birthday VIP Loyalty Program
Restaurant VIP, Birthday & Anniversary Program
Birthday & Anniversary Rewards
Automate, Schedule or Send Immediately Email or SMS
Drive Return Visits
ROI Driven Campaign
Trackable Table Spend
Bundled Packages
Omni-Channel Marketing
Restaurant Starter Includes: Guest WiFi & VIP Birthday
Tiered Loyalty Starter Includes: Guest WiFi & Loyalty
Services Starter Includes: Guest & Event WiFi & Services Led Gen


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