Mobile Loyalty Dashboard Outline
Accessing Secure Dashboard
Web link:
Email or User Name:
Navigation Bar on Top>
Mobile Punch Card Program for your business title left side
New Program: + New Program> This requires Apple Developer Code (call if you need new
Top Right Side of Navigation Bar:
Secure User (name) >
Only reason you will need to access this area is for security changes. To change the secure
password for dashboard. (If employee leaves/fired that had password).
Setting: >
General: Add and Remove scanners for your mobile authentication program with the
Pass Verifier App.
(Download Pass Verifier App from Apple store or Google Play to the scanning device).

To Add a scanning device (typically mobile phone of employee or tablet). Click on Pass
Verifier + (highlighted in red)
Document the scanner number to the device or employee on a separate spreadsheet.
Example( name scanner#3 belongs to Jessica Jones).
Logout:> Closes secure user connection.
Left Side Broswer
Navigation Icons:
Dashboard: Offers quick snapshot of analytics and active offers view.
Program: Mobile Punch Card Loyalty Program is created custom for your business!
(Program will be completely configured and doesn’t require any changes unless
promotion changes. Please contact WiLocal to perform any add, moves or changes to
this section. Not recommend that you or any personnel perform any changes in this
section) Changes to any part of this section of the dashboard could result in
undesirable results or unstated results from the original configuration.
Customer: 3 icons top right in dashboard>
Green Box (+ Image): Create new customer manually
Blue Box (Cloud Image): Download all customer data to be exported
Red Box (Mega Horn Image): Send Push (Broadcast) Message to all customers
top right corner below user name – FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS
*Green Box ( Image): Show the individual customer profile & details
Edit: Individual Customer Profile ‐ View Customers Actions: Scans,
Redemptions, Check for fraud/punches/redemption/available
offers etc..
Red Box (Mega Horn Image):
*Send Message: To specific customer
Blue Box(Cloud Image): Download customer data to be exported
Red Box (Trash Can Image): Delete