mobilephonemarketing2016 is the year that main street businesses — merchants, hospitality, quickserve restaurants, retail and more — will begin leveraging mobile ‘passport’ applications to serve existing customers and grow revenue from neighborhood and community-wide new business.

Large national retailers such as Macys, Nordstrom, Starbucks have been testing mobile and ‘proximity’ marketing solutions for several years, all of which transform their retail operations with smart new mobile engagement services. Today, even small businesses have the same power and opportunity to leverage their customers smartphones for new services, new digital connection, mobile ‘punchcards’ and more.

These mobile applications are made available by WiLocal, a Laguna Niguel-based proximity marketing technology firm focusing on main street businesses.

“Transitioning tried and true loyalty programs like this passport program onto the mobile device allows much more flexibility and accountability for all stakeholders involved in the promotion,” Dickey went on to say. “We have seen that Laguna Niguel residents are very comfortable with smartphones and other devices, and merchants are becoming more aware of the value that mobile applications can play in their loyalty programs.”

WiLocal offers small to mid-sized business owners a powerful proximity marketing solutions to engage and interact with customers via smartphones and Wi-Fi. We utilize location based messaging and a social-powered Wi-Fi hotspot to accomplish a cost-effective and simple approach to retaining customers and driving more sales! WiLocal’s proximity marketing bundle combine’s location based notification, with real time updates and semi-permanent mobile wallet passes for both iPhone and Android wallets. Our bundle also includes automating marketing list by offering free Wi-Fi in your venue or store. We help turn your customers into fans using Social Powered Free Wi-Fi and Mobile Marketing. Contact us today!